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Webmaster HTML is a collection of links, resources, information and advice to help web developers gain access to information they may use on a daily basis or for more difficult tasks. This website is intended for beginners who want to learn and more experienced developers who are looking for related information pertaining to servers and websites alike. To be sure, this website is mainly about website design, development, maintenance using Linux systems with Apache, PHP, MySql and cPanel.

Additionally, this website puts an emphasis on open source and free tools available on the Internet. There is a plethora of open source and free tools to help maintain and secure servers and websites, especially with PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, CentOS and Apache. With the time it takes to maintain and protect websites and servers, keeping costs down can greatly reduce the cost of operating a business on the Internet.

Web Developer Resources

Website Channels

These are the current channels I have that may help you as a web developer. For the most part these are things I need to get into and out and also stuff I would like to revisit to get some more training, knowledge or scripts.

Web Developer Resources

Top Level Resources

Web developers should become familiar with these top level websites. Understanding how the World Wide Web is governed will be helpful down the road. Knowing that that countries are assigned blocks of IPs are good and getting those IP addresses for blocklists are even better.

Usability is a big thing and it is known that a more user friendly website will attract visitors for a longer period of time. You should also become familiar with Request for Comments (RFC) which come from the The Internet Engineering Task Force because at some point you might have to fix a configuration issue governed by a certain RFC.

Another area developers should be familiar with is the legal aspects of the Internet such as domain names with respect to trademark, ownership and copyright violations of your material. Legal issues may arise in areas such as the use of the company name or logo and website content that has been illegally copied.

Top Level


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I hope you find these web developer resources useful. If you are aware of other resources that webmaster could benefit from, please send me a link to webmaster at this domain, thank you.